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About SMD

Specialized Metal Design (SMD) was established in 2006 in Dubai following the city’s exponential growth to become a leader in customized decorative metalwork and ingenious design and craftsmanship.

In line with the economic development in the G.C.C and U.A.E, the company quickly expanded its’ activities to cover the Gulf Region as well as entered new industries such as glass works, alumi nium works & signage (internal & external). Our spacious workshop is equipped with most technologically advanced machinery & operated by our 50+ well-trained staff. With a variety of durable and quality proven materials such as stainless steel, brass and aluminium to name some, be confident that all of our projects are made with the highest standard of quality to delight our valued clients.

Now SMD is fully committed to giving our clients the highest standards of quality and satisfaction. Our clients include airports, banks, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, commercial buildings, universities, roads, oil fields and the general commerce.

Thanks to our best asset, Our People. We, Specialized Metal Design is on the rise, business and knowledge wise.


SMD is simply keen on quality - it's in our blood. Clean design, careful engineering and top-notch finishing are simply non-negotiable. Our team has formal training in both engineering and architecture as well as years of real-life

experience in metal work, industrial fabrication, fine woodworking, building construction, materials sourcing, cost estimating, production scheduling and project management. This diverse, multi-disciplinary approach shapes the way we work and lets us look at every angle of a project with a discriminating and fresh perspective.

SMD’s Mission

Our Mission is to establish a good working relationship with all our clients by giving them state-of-the-art quality products beyond their expectations

SMD’s Vision

Our Vision is to steadily meet our clients’ needs and expectations with in-depth product knowledge and excellent service at a reasonable price.

Our Goals

  • Assist Architects in designing and providing sound engineering in architec tural metalwork and fabrication including cost advice as early as possible in the design process
  • Assist Contractors in bringing the designers dreams to fruition with clear time frames and known costs
  • Provide innovative and ingenious solutions to technically difficult tasks
  • Use the latest computer modeling, materials and manufacturing tech niques to do what's not considered possible
  • Create satisfied customers

    With our broad experience and diverse skill sets, we become an integral part of the project team from design development through pricing, fabrication and delivery. We love what we do, and get excited about solving problems others pass up - it's just who we are


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